Winery Compliance Services

Affordable Compliance for Wineries Small & Large

Winery Compliance Services is a full spectrum compliance company for Pacific Northwest Wineries.

WCS can ease your troubles by assisting you through the initial start-up application process of obtaining state and federal approvals as well as acquiring new permits for change of locations, out-of-state shipping, federal COLA's, filing all of your state and federal reports and more.

We can even represent you in State and Federal audits, as well as help you stay up-to-date on new regulations. 

WCS has recently expanded into the fulfillment and storage division of the wine business. For more information, about Winery Fulfillment Services, visit:


Vickie Stone


Ext. 200

Vickie started working within the Walla Walla Valley wine industry in the late 1980’s - a time when there were only a handful of wineries in the area. The growth and success of the Valley’s wine industry is evident, and Vickie grew with it. She became an expert by learning the industry inside-and-out with courses, hands-on experience, education and seminars. She worked with marketing and bookkeeping, and continued to learn federal and state compliance. Soon she was spending most of her time consulting and directing new and established wineries in filing the correct forms and taxes and other compliance needs.

It was then Vickie saw the great need for a wine compliance company, which she started in 2007. Since that time she has worked closely with state and federal agencies and has learned the intricacy’s  of compliance not only for the individual winery,  but also for wholesalers, importers as well as breweries and distilleries. Vickie and Winery Compliance Services look forward to serving the needs of the industry with excellent service, a commitment to complete and thorough work, and a personal touch that is almost impossible to find with the larger compliance services.

Lindsey Vargas

Compliance Agent

Ext. 201


Lindsey has worked for Winery Compliance Services since 2008. Knowledgeable in out-of-state compliance and the intricacies of each state’s particular needs; Lindsey brings a level of expertise that makes licensing and reporting clear-cut, and worry-free. A few of her responsibilities to the clients who require out-of-state compliance are: new applications for shipping out of state, monthly compliance reporting including: direct-to-consumer, retail licensees, and out-of-state distributor sales. Lindsey also handles in-state monthly reporting to the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Lindsey is Vickie’s oldest daughter and a native of the Walla Walla Valley. She returned to Walla Walla after college and truly appreciates her hometown’s beauty and uniqueness. Lindsey understands why the Valley produces such high quality and delicious wines. She thoroughly enjoys working in the industry and sampling the various wines that are produced here, giving her a genuine respect for the labels that she represents.

Karla Broughton

Compliance Agent

Ext. 202


Karla, a veteran of the Walla Walla Valley wine industry working in management, tasting rooms and special events, brings her detailed knowledge and expertise to our team.  She works with all aspects of compliance including monthly, quarterly, annual reporting and licensing wineries for out of state shipping.
Born and raised in Walla Walla, Karla has experienced first hand the premium wine industry growth, tourism boom, culinary rise, and expanded support of the fine arts, and deeply appreciates the interconnections that make Walla Walla a unique community.

Tracy Rotert

Compliance/ Administrative Support

Ext. 203

Tracy started with the company in 2014 and has quickly understood out-of-state compliance laws, regulations, and reporting.  Tracy comes to Winery Compliance Services with a vast background in customer service.

Tracy is new to the Walla Walla community after living in Spokane for the past nine years.  Originally from Whitefish, MT, Tracy appreciates being back in a small town atmosphere and loves the rich culture that Walla Walla provides.