Winery Compliance Services

Affordable Compliance for Wineries Small & Large

Winery Compliance Services is a full spectrum compliance company for Pacific Northwest Wineries.

WCS can ease your troubles by assisting you through the initial start-up application process of obtaining state and federal approvals as well as acquiring new permits for change of locations, out-of-state shipping, federal COLA's, filing all of your state and federal reports and more.

We can even represent you in State and Federal audits, as well as help you stay up-to-date on new regulations. 

WCS has recently expanded into the fulfillment and storage division of the wine business. For more information, about Winery Fulfillment Services, visit:

New Winery Licenses

Winery Compliance Services has been working with the State and Federal agencies for many years and know what it takes to get wineries licensed in as little time as possible. We can help to get you licensed in areas such as:

  • Bonded Winery

  • Bonded Wine Warehouse

  • Tasting Room

  • Custom Crush Facility


Change in Business 

WCS can also help with additional licenses as your business grows, adapts or goes another direction. Examples of this type of license is:

  • Additional Locations

  • Alternating Proprietors

  • Change in location

  • Change in LLC/Ownership

  • Bonds


Out-of-State Licenses

Direct Shipping  has been increasing every year. Our team can get you licensed for direct wine shipping and out-of-state distributor sales. We can also help with brand registration to the various states that require it.

For a helpful table that lists the Direct Shipping Requirements for each state, click HERE.


Upon my return to Walla Walla, I was on a mission to launch my very own Palencia Wine CO, taking the plunge and launching a winery was scary enough. But having to worry about all the complex laws and overall compliance of the wine business was costing me major topping losses & draining me down. I’m always about doing things right and I’m very fortunate to have partnered with WCS for all my compliance needs, the experience and professional service WCS offers has given me a great level of confidence and peace of mind. With their wealth of information & professional service, I have been able to purse more opportunities by focusing on what I love to do which is craft world class wines. Salud!
— Victor Palencia, Winemaker/Palencia Wine CO