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We make sure that you meet the many requirements in the reporting arena, including
Federal, State and Out-of-State shipping. 

Services are offered as part of our flat monthly rate. Call us for pricing details.

Federal Reporting
  • Federal Excise Tax Reporting

  • Report of Wine Premise Operations (5120.17)

State Reporting
  • Washington Domestic Winery Summary Report (LIQ-774)

  • Oregon Winery Annual Privilege Tax Statement 

  • Idaho Wine Tax Return, Form 1752

  • Idaho Sales & Use Tax Return

  • Idaho Monthly Usage Report 

  • Not in the PNW? Call us to find out if we can help

Out-of-State Reporting
  • Monthly Direct Shipper Reporting

  • Monthly Sales to Distributors Reporting

  • Monthly Sales to Retail Licensees Reporting

Federal Label Approvals

WCS can assist you in getting labels approved for new wines or revisions. We will offer consulting on wording and requirements for labels as well as submit labels for approval for you through the COLAs online system. 

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